嵌入式物联网平台奇迹群提供一站式办事,集成嵌入式主板与体系、软件、表现屏及核心设置装备摆设,以客户为中心的设计办事,普遍使用于差别行业。 为办理IoT使用步伐的市场题目,一切嵌入式办理方案可与全系列的无线数据收罗办理方案集成,宁静防护以及传感器到云的毗连办理方案。

The embedded IoT platform business group provides one-stop services, integrating embedded motherboards and systems, software, displays and peripherals, and customer-centric design services, which are widely used in different industries. To solve the market problem of IoT applications, all embedded solutions can be integrated with a full range of wireless data acquisition solutions, security protection, and sensor-to-cloud connection solutions.